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cuckold wife ritu fucked in ass by me infront of h

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The sound of movement awoke me from my slumber. I saw Akhil sitting naked on the chair smiling at me. The smell of sex filled the room. I could feel the warmth of Ritu's gorgeous body next to mine in the spoons position, but what was even better was I could feel a warm moist fleshy sensation enveloping my morning stiffy. Had I really slept all night with my cock inside Ritu's ass? The evidence would suggest I had! Ritu was rotating her hips slowly, fucking my cock softly and gently. Her hands reached behind her and grabbed my buttock, forcing me deeper inside her. She moaned softly as my cock… Read more

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Becoming Steve's special girl

First Time

This is about Steve and how he made me in to his special girl hope you like what you read lot to read your views and comments. I was just 17 years old at the time and for a number of years since the age of 12 actually been dressing in my older sister’s girl’s cloths she is some 10 years older than me but my mum had kept most of her old cloths not being someone that would throw things away. It was only my mum and I at home as my dad had left us 5 years earlier. Because of this I had access to a complete range of cloths all of which fitted me perfectly this included some very lovely and sexy u… Read more

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Aunty Betty’s Stockings get me in trouble

FetishInterracial SexMature

Before reading this, please be aware this is the fourth part of a series, to get the most benefit, please read in the following order; Aunty Bettie, Aunty Betty Part Two, Aunty Betty Part 3 In the autumn I left Caprice at University to return home and spend a week with my parents. During my summer visit with Aunty Betty I managed to bring home two pairs of her used stockings, 1 suspender belt and 1 pair of her used panties all removed from her laundry basket. The morning after my first nights sleep back in my own bed and after my parents had left for work, I woke up and started sniffing he… Read more

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saving my innocent husband---2

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"Jancy, are you okay?" a sound came from the bedroom. "Nothing sir, she just tripped," Shiva said and quickly I stepped out of my dark blue panties, and hooked all my blouse hooks. Saying "sorry Shiva, I could not control," I picked up my white bra and dark blue panties and gave it to him. "I can understand, just sit down and relax for a while," he said and went near the fridge and gave me some… Read more

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Saving My Innocent Husband--1

Group SexMatureHumor

B@stards..!!! They are asking us for evidence, shamelessly. They are the bloody Police Department, they must be finding evidences and nailing the real criminals behind the bars. Oh my poor little daughter Maya, I feel sorry for you, I really don't know how we are going to find out the real murderer and save your husband," my dad almost broke down. "Come on dad, don't lose hope, this is the ti… Read more

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Mr B and Mrs P


When I was 28 I joined a large legal firm in the city which employed hundreds of staff. The company was formed in 1886 and still held traditions dating back that far. One of the traditions included no one calling anyone by their first name, but by using the initial of their surname, so I was known as Mr B. I was employed as a clerk who would sort out legal documents and feed them to the relevant departments. The work was full-on with a constant stream of cases arriving daily and at all hours so it was imperative they were passed on without delay. On my first day, I was taken to an office on… Read more

Posted by ebonylover699 2 days ago 8 11,214 94%

Sharing Family Panties - 2


Total fabrication, not a thing happened anywhere except my head. This is a fetish story about our Larry trying to decide if wearing he should wear his Mom’s panties or his sisters. There was a part of me that felt like I was some sort of a creep for spying on my sister as she stood in bra and panties and stroked her husband’s cock inside of his boxers. Yet there was a part of me that was a bit jealous. I had fantasized about my sister since I was old enough to know the difference between male and female. I had spied on her… Read more

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How I become Steve's special girl

First Time

This is a true account about how I become Steve's special girl l do hope you like what you read lot to read your views and comments. I was just about the right age to be with Steve at that time and for a number of years since the age of 12 actually been dressing in my older sister’s girl’s cloths she is some 10 years older than me but my mum had kept most of her old cloths not being someone that would throw things away. It was only my mum and I at home as my dad had left us 5 years earlier. Because of this I had access to a complete range of cloths all of which fitted me perfectly this inclu… Read more

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An Unexpected Journey


<u>Note - All stories are a work of fiction, designed to simply arouse or amuse.</u> It was dark, raining and pretty cold outside, my father was driving, we were on our way home after a night out at a local restaurant. It was my birthday, and turning 21 was as good a reason as any for a family get-together. My older sister Susan and I were in the back seat, both of us had drank a little too much, well maybe more than a little, so we were messing around slapping and poking each other in the back of the car, just light hearted fun really. Years ago, I had often flashed my cock… Read more

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An Officer and a Gentleman


"P-please, Lotus..." the older man, said, pleading with Lotus, his eyes brimming with tears. Simone and Sheila stared at the tube around General Vidalia's quivering, horribly erect penis. "So he can't go pee-pee until you tell him he can, eh, Lotus?" Simone asked, chuckling. "Well, Norb has a real authority problem, Simone" Lotus said, her eyes sparkling. "For a man who is in charge of 400,000 soldiers at seven Army bases, he really knows quite little about obeying orders. He hasn't been allowed to pee for s*******n hours, and I think I may make him hold it in for another day if he kee… Read more

Posted by justincbenedict 2 days ago 1,587

Joe's Story

First TimeGroup SexMature

Growing up in the 60/70s I suppose many of us had a carefree upbringing. At least in comparison to what today’s generation have to endure. I was brought up on a council estate and my days were filled with football when we were k**s and strangely enough greyhound racing when I was approaching my mid teens. My mate’s brother had a dog and I would go down to our local track whenever it ran. Well I quickly realised that this was an ideal place to hang out. Providing we weren’t causing a nuisance and behaved ourselves we could sit quietly in the corner of the bar with a pint and even have a bet. Ho… Read more

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neighbor lady

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When I got divorced and was finally living alone I had many fun times getting fucked all I could by both men and women. I was always dressed when home and loved to stay that way all weekend long and would just put on some pants over my outfit to go shopping sometimes with a coat or shirt over my open cup bra depending on the weather. I was at the store one day when I saw my neighbor Jill with her k**s shopping and looking for some food and said hello. She was a little nervous to see me and finally said hello and then I could hear her tell her two daughters that sorry, but she only had a few do… Read more

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Chance meeting at Garage

AnalMatureGay Male

Chance meeting at a Garage. I had to take my car for a MOT. The Garage that I use is about 3 miles away. When I got there, I opened the door to the reception room, on the other side of the door was a wooden board about 600mm high, someone in the room said it was to keep the owners new puppy in. As I stepped over the board I tripped and said “Dam I can’t get my leg over” only to hear in reply “don’t worry its been a long time since I had leg over too”. We both laughed and I went to sign in my car. The girl took the keys and said to take a seat. I went over to see the guy that made the commen… Read more

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Follow Me On My Journey


Hello xhamster friends. I hope you decide to follow me on my journey of discovery and exploration. I hope you first read “My Story. My Secret,” which was my first post here. Here is another personal item that I failed to mention about myself…as if being a crossdresser was not enough. When I was 13 years old, I was diagnosed with gynecomastia. The medical definition is: “Enlargement of a man's breasts, usually due to hormone imbalance.” Unfortunately for me, I had an overabundance of estrogen coursing through my body as I entered puberty. Of course, this contributed to my late bloomin… Read more

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Another virginal notch on the bedpost.

AnalFirst TimeHardcore

A little background; My name is Alan and in the late 1970s I was a Corporal in the British Army based in Northern Ireland. My unit had a winter R&R program where groups of ten soldiers were sent to Scotland for a week's skiing in the Cairngorm mountains. My group consisted of a male Sergeant plus myself, four other males and four females. The R&R was centred on a farmhouse about three miles outside Aviemore. The large farmhouse was a B&B run by a lady called Anna. To save money, the Army had taken over the attic and filled it with camp beds and sleeping bags. Resident for the dura… Read more

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Cléo - The main course.


Continuation of the text: https://pt. Xhamster. Com/stories/cl-o-a-lady-of-respect-9742776 The candle sparkles, almost goes out, they hold their breath until the light fires. Rodolfo lights the other one. The room illuminates up enough tô make the place more cozy. The sound of a sax gives the rhythm, creates an even more stimulating, seductive atmosphere. Rodolfo twists the opener and pulls it gently until the cork comes out. Hold and pour the wine into the crystal glass. Smells, swings and takes a short sip tô savor the t… Read more

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Sylvia Needs to Move But Where?

HumorLesbian SexMasturbation

Introduction: Sylvia has been staying in the lavish 75th-floor penthouse of her older friend Gerald since her friend, pimp and lover Al Lombardi was murdered Gerald protected me and nurtured me through my time of confusion and grief. I had everything I needed at his place, but I couldn't leave. Gerald said mob guys were still trying to find me, and the 450,000 thousand dollars Al left for me. I loved Gerald. I loved his place and his two concert Steinways, but I knew that I couldn't stay with him forever. After two months, we began talking about where I was going to go next. "If you stay her… Read more

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Super Star Cock in a Limo!!!


My love of sex is unmatched!!! I can honestly say, I might be the greatest lover of sex on the planet!!! I am not joking either! My love for sex started at a delicate age and has only gotten more intense as I’ve gotten older. I don’t know what it is, but after I experienced my first cock, I have been on a never ending quest to get more. I just love cock and a man who knows how to use it. I have been very lucky to get to have had all different types, some have been better than others, but all of them have been very satisfying. I was married for 8 years and our sex life was very active. My ex-hu… Read more

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A Visit From Kelly


It took me a couple of days to get back into my routine but life was good and the weather was better, I was happy and just as my holiday was becoming a distant memory I got a text from Kelly, she asked if she could come visit for a few days as she has decided to uproot and my area seemed a good starting point for a fresh start, I was more than happy to oblige. She was arriving in the morning so agreed to meet her at the station and spent the next hour cleaning which to be fair wasn’t too much as Sally left the house tidy, I ran to the store to stock up on beer and wine and decided to have an… Read more

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444 [c58]Life at Mallow Manor 2.


444 [c58]Life at Mallow Manor 2. The four involved all knew about Saturday night, each mentally preparing in his or her own way, none mentioning the meeting to one another, in fact rather studiously avoiding the subject, as that wouldn’t be un-gentlemanly conduct, very un-British if you know what I mean. We would now say it was ‘the elephant in the room,’ though of course that saying had not been invented yet! Monty secretly made up some new cuffs from soft leather strips, and it will be noted two pairs, perhaps hopefully, he also spent some time up in one of the old servants bedrooms at the… Read more

Posted by alibodge 2 days ago 2 565 100%