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My New Neighbours Part 6


Laura was sound asleep and I told Lucy that she didn’t miss anything, ok it was a white lie but she didn’t need to know especially as she was still groggy. “Can I have some more juice please sir?” she asked finishing off her glass so I stood up and took her glass fully aware that from the angle Lucy sat she could see up the leg of my shirts, she didn’t comment but did smile. I returned with more drinks and another smoke, Lucy smiled and sat up while I sat opposite, we fired up and talked quietly as to not disturb the sleeping Laura’s tanning session. Lucy explained that Laura had no idea abou… Read more

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How I Shared My Wife With My Best Friend

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Hi, my name is Franz and I am 30 and my wife Eva 27.We have 10 years with each other and almost 4 years getting married that live together in our own appartment.We have a very good life.I am an Engenieer with and my wife is a psychology teacher.We dont have c***d yet.We are thinking about that.I have a very huge social life.I have lot of friends,c***dhood friends,school mates,work collagues.One of my best friend is Andy.He is my c***dhood friend that we grew up together.He is 30 too. I love to explore lot of things in sex. I… Read more

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How Quarantine Boredem Forced Me into Trouble


It's been two weeks since the Quarantine started.  I share an apartment with my Mom who is a nurse in the ER.  She has been working long hours and staying with a coworker who lives next to the hospital for fear of bringing the virus home.    I am not alone though, my Aunt lives in the same complex, so I see her everyday, however, I choose to stay in my own apartment.    Schools are closed, Works are closed.  Everyone is at home. Everyone is probably kinda going stir crazy.   Especially me in my two bedroom apartment.  I pace all… Read more

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Of course this is fictitious tale yet some legends started somewhere. Charlie the Centaur looked at his reflection in the calm water of the lake that ran past the thick forest he lived in. He knew his enemy rarely ventured into this forest so felt fairly safe as his breed were very endangered. As usual what mankind Didn,t understand they wanted to destroy. After all he,d listened to his mother Helena describe the death of his beloved father Henry ten years before when he was on,y eight. His parents had been enjoying themselves having a run on a grassy plain when surprised by a party of men on… Read more

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First orgy

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The first time I was with my boyfriend on group sex/ one Orgy with more than five people at a time, we were invited to a friend we often have sex with when we're all together. He had a small party in the early summer with only known ones. When we arrived we were led into the bedroom and told to undress. When he opens the door to the living room and enters it is seen that there are more people, who are all naked and have some kind of sex. We know many of them before. When we are naked, there comes a young couple where the girl bends down to start playing with my boyfrends dick. her boyfriend si… Read more

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464 yes gran


464 yes gran It was about a week later ,on the Friday at tea, life had fallen to a quick screw each evening at bedtime twix whoever was the allotted pair and the momentous spanking had not been mentioned, though gran had sat on a cushion all week, and on the Thursday in bed Alec had spent time soothing the bruises and wondering at the yellowing marks. It was gran herself who brought up the rota, at tea on Friday she said “that though the rota shared out the sex evenly, it was fine as far as it went, but sex must not be compulsory or life would become a chore, it was she said “just to be used… Read more

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The Enchanted Lakehouse (Part 5: Lost and Found)

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Chapter 5: The boy who had taken the white colt and fled into the magical woods does not hear the monsters approach the little clearing in which he dozes. Sleep has only taken the lanky teen deeper into night and all around him, the Forest and its enchantments wake up. He rolls on his side and draws a knee up and his breaths grow slower still and sough in rythym with the wind in the trees. His clear naked skin reflects the light from the moon and the embers of his little fire and seems to glow. He doesn't sleep nude at home, b… Read more

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Naked Wedding


We had arrived in Amsterdam to attend my Aunt's wedding. She was going to marry a Dutch guy she met while working there. He owned a fancy spa in Vianen where the wedding would be held. My mother took time away from work and I skipped a week of classes from college. It was shaping up to be a nice little vacation. Mom and I spent a day in Amsterdam after arriving, just being tourists and exploring the city. The next day, Aunt Helen arrived from Vianen to pick us up. My mother gave her a big hug. It had been months since they had last seen each other and they were nearly in tears. They had alw… Read more

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Husband & Wife at a Gloryhole

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My Wife And The Gloryhole by Derek Cage ( *** I guy talks his wife into exploring a gloryhole, only to end up participating in a little oral sex along with her. (MMF, bi, wife, glory, voy, intr) *** My wife Sara and I were out celebrating our f******nth anniversary. She was 36 and I 37. We had no set plans and decided to begin with dinner at a nice restaurant. We finished both our dinner and the pitcher of margaritas we ordered. Upon leaving decided that neither of us should be driving. Instead we decided to walk around the city. Several blocks away, we came… Read more

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Naked Confession

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I like to get naked. I especially like to get naked outdoors. Just typing these words gives me a warm, wet, tingly feeling I have had this naked outdoor addiction since I was very young girl. Our family lived at the base of a small mountain. My brother and I and the neighborhood k**s loved to play in the woods above our house. We devised all sorts of imaginary games, although none involved taking our clothes off. I was ten the first time I climbed the hill by myself. My favorite spot was a little rocky bluff, warmed by the sun through a break in the trees. There was a patch of moss that wa… Read more

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Quarantine Game Night

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Betty reached to look at her hole cards. The motion was incredibly awkward; moving her left arm out to grasp the cards meant that she needed to cradle her naked breasts with just her right arm to avoid exposing herself. She pulled the cards towards herself but stopped to look at the reactions of her fellow players before examining her own hand. The tanned-skinned young man to her left studied his cards for a moment, then threw a furtive glance around to the others. He shuffled in his seat, attempting to hide his nudity while pushing out a bet. Jeremy had been a friend of hers for nearly a yea… Read more

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Fucked by an Older Man on Holiday part 2

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We agreed to meet Andre in the lobby at 8pm. Kay put on a nice summery dress with nothing underneath and I had a shirt and chinos. Semi smart anyway. We met Andre as arranged and he told us there was a nice traditional Spanish restraint not too far away from the hotel. We walked and chatted on the way in the still warm evening air. I can’t remember much about the meal except we had some wine and Kay was flirting with Andre and the waiters, which got us very good service. “Thank you so much for your company today” Andre said. “Thank you for a lovely meal” kay said kissing him on the che… Read more

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SECRETS UNCOVERED part 1 It was a memory stick I had never seen before. It lay under her table, right by the metal file box where she kept household papers and suchlike. I had seen her doing some accounts on her laptop earlier so assumed the stick was related to that. I was going to just pop it back into the box but something made me a bit curious . I went up to my study and plugged the stick into my computer. Ah ! The contents were password-protected ! Now that really made me suspicious. I tried to think of a possible password, each attempt failing time after time. Perhaps she had written i… Read more

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She Caught Me! it's Over!


I love cum. I've been eating it since I was 18. These stories I'm only now sharing are part of my life. I never realized that there were others like me. I'm hot just thinking about others enjoying their bodies the way I do. I got home early from work one afternoon and I knew I'd have the house to myself for at least an hour until my girlfriend got home. I was going to whip up a nice hot load so I stripped and lay on the bed and started to stroke my rapidly swelling cock. It felt so good and it wasn't long before I sprayed a load over my fingers. It was hot and I quickly raised my hand to my mo… Read more

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Follow-up to Bi meeting

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As I wrote earlier wife and I had some great anal sex but when I fuck her ass I always think of a guy. She doesn’t know and I would never tell her. Because of the Coronavirus and everyone being quarantined it seems that you just have to get out of the house. Originally we were going to meet on Monday but we had to change it to Wednesday because of conflicts in scheduling. His wife is considered essential personnel and my wife works part time and her job is also considered essential. We decided to meet at his house so around 1pm I went to the house and as I entered we started chatting. We didn’… Read more

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The Landlady – Part 1


Suzie was an attractive woman about 45 years old and short but with a big smile and good figure. She was a landlady who had three students lodging in her large Edwardian house in 1966. The three lodgers were Clare, Hannah and Peter, all aged 19. One morning Suzie called round to see Brian and Helen who also took student lodgers. They were about ten years older. “You know, Brian, my lodgers really are a handful sometimes, being late in, not doing their chores and so on. Any idea how I can get them to behave?” Brian stroked his chin thoughtfully. “Corporal punishment, Suzie, that helps. They… Read more

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Marjory's first client


The whole day I was wondering how Marjory was doing.. I was eager to hear her story. I didn't have to wait that long, Marjory called me in the afternoon, "Can you come this afternoon, when I close the shop? Come to our place, my husband is gone for some days for business. Can you come, please..?" Of course I promised to come around. Before I went to her place I bought some fine wines. When I arrived at her house, she already opened the door and welcomed me with a big kiss. She looked really happy to see me.. she was shining all over. She looked stunning in a nice tight dress, showing her perfe… Read more

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Springtime in Paris

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After my first year of university, I visited Paris in early May to take in the sights. One particular day is very memorable. I visited Montmarte and Sacré-Cœur and then I wandered along to Place Pigalle, the “red light” district. In front of one of the sex clubs, an older, grandmotherly lady with curly grey hair approached me and asked, “Would you like to look? It’s free.” I hesitated for a moment, but thought to myself, “Why not?” and followed her inside. She led me up some stairs and said, “It’s toute privée, if you would like to cum.” We were met half way up the stairs by an attractive w… Read more

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Meeting in woods


Follow up of shopping trip... Just recently I was told to meet my master at our normal meeting place in the woods. I parked as normal and was told to bring our bag of toys. I was dressed in my work clothes, black blouse and black trousers with a thin red lace bra and matching panties. He told me to follow him. After walking a little way, he stopped and took the bag, he took out the ball gag turned me round and put it on me....I wondered whether anyone else would be walking in the woods today. We continued to walk deep into the woods, obviously searching for somewhere suitable for what he ha… Read more

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Throated 2020

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I am on my knees in front of you and the tip of your cock rests on my lower lip. You take my head into your hands and ease your hips forward so the head of your cock slips through my lips and comes to rest on my tongue. You smile at the sight of your cock taking possession of my mouth yet again. I look up into your eyes as you take a firm hold of my head to feed more of your big cock into my mouth. My lips stretch and slide over the widening contours of your dick as your precum leaks out all over my tongue. You pause when you reach the back of my throat to allow me a few seconds to acclim… Read more

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