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During this time of lockdown my wife Sarah and I have reflected on many of our swinging experiences including one occasion where we had a threesome with a TGirl. Sarah was quite shocked that I arranged it but she wasn’t aware that over the years, before I met her, I have had a couple of experiences with TGirls. I thought I’d take this opportunity to share my very first one. I was in my early 30’s, living in London and actively bisexual. I used to visit a couple of gay saunas not far from where I lived and one guy I chatted to asked me if I frequented any gay bars. I didn’t at the time but he… Read more

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The redhead coworker threesome (part II)

Lesbian SexFirst Time

On Friday I woke up a bit nervous as Irene was about to visit us. We both had taken the day off from work as we wanted to prepare for a memorable weekend. My husband was still sleeping when I moved my hand under the sheets to feel his cock. Normally everything is partially hairless and shaven and does he have a bit of pubic hair right above his cock, but right now I didn’t feel any hair at all, not his dick, not his balls and not above his cock. His penis started to grow when I touched it and he turned towards me and said to me with his eyes still closed: “I used your wax yesterday and removed… Read more

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Some sex questions answered

First TimeHumor

Some sex questions answered 1. What’s your favorite place to be kissed? Mouth. With tongue, bottom of cock right below tip, and balls. 2. What color and style of underwear are you wearing? Commando 3. What’s your favorite sexual position? Woman on top 4. Do you prefer sex beneath the sheets or on top? On top On top 5. Do you prefer sex with the lights on or off? Lights on 6. Do you like rough sex or smooth sex? Smooth 7. What one word would describe the most pleasurable night you’ve had? Tripping on Lucy, on XTC, or Spun 8. What’s your favorite part of sex? Cumming 9. Are you familiar with th… Read more

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QVC Julia: The Arrival of a Sex Goddess Part 1


From the view of Julia. It was around 1999 when I started to release my body become womanlier. Could have been the effects of c***d births, putting on a bit of weight or my hormones. I was always in decent shape, as an ex dancer and model, well proportioned. It was like I had just filled out a bit more all round, especially more to my boobs, which had swelled up a fair few cup sizes. I wouldn’t say I was an hourglass type, more apple type, but I had a good round bum and was more top heavy. I was attractive, maybe that was the luck of the genes, who knows. I had started to sense the looks of… Read more

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Picked up in A bar


It was a Thursday night and while driving home from work I decided to try to relive my youth and stopped into a bar for a couple drinks. However, the universe works in mysterious ways and as I was walking through the parking lot, the skies opened up with a torrential downpour, leaving me absolutely soaked and panting for breath after sprinting for the door. I stumbled up to the bar, ordered a shot of anything to recover with, and started drying off with a pile of cocktail napkins when I heard a quiet chuckle coming from my right. I looked up to see a lady maybe 5 years my senior (I just turne… Read more

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A First For him

AnalFirst Time

I am easily intimidated, especially when I feel like I don't know what to expect. I only enjoy new things if I am with someone I trust completely, with them the vulnerability of trying something for the first time can be romantic and downright sexy. With a stranger or even a new relationship, new things make me uncomfortable, nervous, even afraid. I need to know they'll listen to me if I am not enjoying it, you know? Although, I have to confess ... I get off on being the more experienced one in a situation. It's why I've always valued being someone's first. Their first kiss, their first lover… Read more

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I'm taking your white wife out for 24 hours

MatureInterracial Sex

I sent this to a guy about his wife I found online and looks like thy get guys from online to fuck her. They want BBC but their rules say the guy gotta use a condom and tell the husband about it later. So I told them I'd email the details when the deed is done. His wife is cute enough but got no tits at all. Weird looking body with a huge belly nice big ass and big thighs but nothing on top at all. I mean fucken nothing. I pick her up in late afternoon and bring her to dinner in the evening. I tell her to wear a t shirt no bra because she doesn't even need one anyway for those titties. And sh… Read more

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Walt's Poker Pal Jeff


The next morning after the poker game Walt reminded me that I was to visit all three of his poker pals this day and make sure that I did whatever they wanted. I agreed and he had me pack two separate bags with the other outfits I would be wearing along with what I had on at that time. My first visit was to be with Jeff, the one that I thought would be the nicest to me. I drove to his house and went up to his door when I got there, rang the bell and Jeff opened up. "I'm here to be yours for this morning" I said calmly to Jeff. As he let me in and closed the door behind me, he took hold of my h… Read more

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When I submitted - detailed vs of my 3 1/ 2 years

FetishGay MaleBDSM

----------- Meeting and greeting with my mouth. ------------------- One time when I was 22 years old. I got online and went to a Gay Bear personal ad site. I saw this 56 yo chubby polar bear about 40 mi away from me. He was hot. I sent him a message, would you like to talk? He said he would like to do more than talk. He said I could come on up. Right now. What am I waiting for? This was 7:00 p.m. on a Friday night. I don't have to work till Monday. I was in the car quickly and got there pretty easily. It was 40 miles but all straight road. I was so excited. The last and only guy I had was… Read more

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Mrs. Cooper put the last corrected physics test on her desk and switched off the table lamp. There. All done. Time to go home. As she walked out of her office, she realized that she had forgotten her keys in her classroom. She walked over to the physics lab, and opened the door. What she saw brought her, the ever-cool woman, to stop and stare at the scene in front of her. “Oh my goodness!” she exclaimed. Two young people quickly got to their feet and tried to straighten their clothes, but it was pretty obvious what had been going on. Ronnie Sherman, that year’s greatest student and valedictor… Read more

Posted by Tamasha2k19 8 hours ago 1,874 89%

Unsere Besuche in einer frivolen Bar

HardcoreAnalFirst Time

Hallo, ich bin 38, sexuell aufgeschlossen und exhibitionistisch veranlangt. An Wochenenden kann man mich in Clubs oder einer frivolen Bar antreffen. Ich kleide mich dazu figurbetont, sexy, trage nie einen Slip und hoffe auf einen erotischen, lustigen Abend. Tanzen, sehen und gesehen werden,das macht mir wahnsinnig Spaß. Nette Gespräche an der Bar, eine lockere Stimmung und Sympathie, können dazu führen, das ich mit meinem Freund und einem Mann auf ein Zimmer gehe und der Spass dort zu dritt weiter geht. Vom normalen Sex bis zur devoten Unterwerfung ist mit mir alles möglich. Ich lasse mich ger… Read more

Posted by Sofia1082 9 hours ago 187 100%

Dave – Life After Florence


Nothing was ever awkward although I thought the next morning would be especially with Meghan, we had got quite close but even she was happy to go back home, I think she really did miss her daddy, but she was also happy in the knowledge that she can come stay anytime she wants. Flo had mixed feelings but she knew what she was doing and safe in the knowledge that she had a bed here so she couldn’t really lose, I wished her all the luck in the world and even told her to leave her clothes here just in case, not that they had a lot of clothes. I had the customary hug from both of them but this tim… Read more

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Across My Wife's Knee


It seems strange to me now but I'm in this position by choice. It's an embarrassing and humiliating position and at this moment I can't for the life of me explain why I chose this lifestyle? When I'm not in this position I crave to be here....at least I crave the dynamic that has me here. When I am here, I want to be anywhere but here. I am bent over my wife's knee, I am in nothing but a pair of tight, white, cotton underpants that are currently around my ankles. My bare bottom is high in the air and exposed and I am about to be very soundly spanked with a hairbrush by my wife. I could have ma… Read more

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My Handjob


This is my technique and oddly enough my mother taught me how to do it.... Which is a whole other story indeed. Sliding in behind my husband Alex. I naked of course. He who was laying on the sofa half asleep something we often do especially on chilly winter's days or lazy Saturday mornings. Snuggle up against him pressing my bare breasts up against his warm sensitive back. I Wrap my outer leg around his bringing him even closer. Feeling his heartbeat threw my chest which quickens when I'm near. Beginning I start kissing his back and neck nibble at his ear. He will scold me if he's not in the… Read more

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Second hand poked

AnalInterracial SexHardcore

I like big butts and I cannot lie. no I'm not sir mix a lot but yes I do like full figured chicks, there's something about a woman with a fat posterior that gets me hard every time.I spotted tall blonde Lauren Brotz at a bar downtown on water street, the way this woman is built is ridiculous, she has a gargantuan ass on her, that wide booty jiggles when she walks, and I wish I could give her a pat on the butt sometimes. One day my friend Tory tried to set me up with Lauren. he told her about me and she seemed like she wasn't interested in getting to know me more, I'm not the most attractive… Read more

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Sexteen Simone Slow Seduction 2: Striptease

First TimeMasturbationTaboo

SIMONE SEES MY EYES EROTICALLY PEEKING AT ALICE HOTLY HOPING TO SEE HER LOVE-LIPS ================================================================================ Simone seeks my eyes as I watch how attractively her 'MIGHTY MOM ALICE ATTRACTIVELY DESCENDS Simone knows now the clock for the two of us start to tick at its fastest pace of many minutes per second Simone sees how I try to see whether awesome attractive ALICE WEARS ANYTHING UNDER… Read more

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Silkie tells Denis a sexy story/ Part three

First TimeHumor

The next day in biology, I was dissecting something with Bruce. Both of us had to get up and move around..........I noticed the boner he had........... I had seen it before, but today it was really obvious..........I wasn't super friendly with him today, just nice and business-like about what we were doing. Both of us got A's in Biology, so we had to do a little bit of actual work; Bruce was the best lab partner you could get.............really smart, really thorough, really careful...............he said his father was a surgeon or something..................he had to get up to talk to Mr. Rio… Read more

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3rd cuckold frm Delhi


Hi everyone, This was my real experience which happened 6 month back nd I thought to sharing it with you. Please do read my other real nd best experience fun which posted here. Coming back to the story, I am an active member of the AFF dating website. I have met 3 couples who were looking for a threesome and cuckold fantasy. I will share the experience I had with a cuckold fantasy couple which happened 6 month back. I was chatting on AFF and pinged a couple’s id. I introduced myself and told them about my fantasy. I got a response from them quickly asking about my details. I told them, “… Read more

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Sexteen Simone Slow Seduction 1: Start

First TimeBDSMMasturbation

SIMONE AND I HAVE AN INTIMATE INTENSIVE BOND AS IF I AM HER HORNY GREAT GRANDFATHER! Simone and I are cunningly close - As close as two humans can - Simone has no idea: Simone LOVES ME Simone and I are coming closer to that Tremor Truth step by step slower after every move till it seems to stop Simone and I lose contact almost - although REAL LOVE IS FOR EVER & ETERNAL IN FACT IT'S HEAVEE Simone and I lose contact in terms of Eye-sight - and in geographical distance at Amsterdam's opposite sides Simone and I never forget our seductive smiles secret sweet sh… Read more

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Debbie and the curious Vicar bi

AnalGay MaleMature

I had spent the night with Debbie and Tony, as usual we had a fantastic night. I stayed the night as I usually did. I woke up at 8am. It was a Sunday morning and Debs and Tony were already up and in the kitchen. "Morning Steve, sleep well" asked Debbie. "Very well thanks Debs, you always wear me out"...I replied. I was so comfortable now with this fantastic couple, they were so accommodating and nothing was too much trouble, either in the bedroom or as friends. I always had a bi side, ever since I could remember I always liked the look of cocks, the way they went from a flaccid state to fu… Read more

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