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Enjoying a little virgin Indian cunt

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That warm Saturday afternoon I drove my sweet wife to the airport. Anita was flying to Buenos Aires, visiting friends. Once back home, I went directly to our pool in the back yard, to get a cool diving, since the day was getting very hot… After swimming for a while, I sat down on a lounge chair to read the newspaper. I then saw our Indian neighbor there on her yard, flashing her nice chubby body under the sun. She was wearing just a tiny bikini bottom and I enjoyed watching her nice round tits and her dark areolas. Chandra saw me there and she smiled back at me. The girl was a nice hot lesbian… Read more

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A very good view :-P

MasturbationVoyeur very good this video :-P also i have had a nice situation like in this video a day at home with my sister. An afternoon i'm at home in my room, it was end summer-beginning autumn, i finish printing several papersheets of the computer and i go out of my room and i call my sister that coming out of her room and she wearing a clear tunic for the house of color yellow-white-cream (but not transparent :-P) a bit wide :-P, and legs nude with slippers and feet bare, while we head towards the dining-room… Read more

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"Tommy" Part 29

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"Tommy" By Gentile Part 29 --------- Tommy carefully lowered Girl's legs and slowly withdrew from her body. Girl: "Nooooooooo, Tommy." Tommy: "Come here, baby." He gathered her into his embrace, parted Girl's knees, his cock lodged of it's own accord and once again Tommy pushed inside of the girl, then held still with the requisite couple inches left in reserve. They were face-to-face. "I am your baby, aren't I, Tommy?" "Yes." "Nice and deep. I like it when you do it to me nice and deep like this. It's like when we were at your place, isn't it, Tommy?" "Girl." Him, with concern. "… Read more

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Im a good cock sucker

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I had the perfect idea , the perfect plan for a young shy cock lover like me printing my little cards with the printer the square code linking to my pornhub vids, dress sexy with my slave mask , mouth around the bbc toy ive been training to deep throat asking if daddy want a blowjob before you can see me crawl in panty ass up to the dildo on my wall i printed my las cards and went out to the park i felt so freaking horny handing em to that black daddy walking with his dog then another one looking at his k** game at the soccer field gong around the park and handing my cards to them hot blac… Read more

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A Girlfriend is Caned


It was the end of another week, Friday 6th June 1969 to be precise, as Debbie Abbott and her new boyfriend Martyn Wetherby headed towards the main door of the school on their way home. Hand in hand, they made their way through the large and imposing arched doorway and out into the summer sunshine, smiling at each other at every opportunity. With her parents on holiday in Spain, and her elder sister away at university, Debbie had invited Martyn to spend the weekend at her house, their first real opportunity to spend true, intimate time together since becoming an item just three short weeks ear… Read more

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Watching Mom Dance

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Shortly after I turned 16, I got my drivers license and dad bought me a car, was much but ran good and got me where I wanted go, mostly. School had let out early for a teacher's meeting of something, I had dropped Jerome and Travis off and headed home, turning onto my street, I saw Tyronns Escalde parked in front of house, so I parked down street and snuck in thru back garage door, was surprised dads car was there with good still warm. I could here dad and Ty talking in living room, was hard to hear thru wall and door but I put my dad against wall next to fire place, dad was saying why do you… Read more

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As usual my sixteen old Sister Emma rushed into my bedroom with her hands coving her hears my Mother had declared war with my Father and his new secretary and bed partner the battle started six months ago is hostile and loud. He even brought her home to introduce the family It was a good job our mother couldn’t get to the knife draw. We told our Mother to get divorced but she held on until one fateful night he brought her home and suggested he and his girlfriend move in Mother finally let go she had enough to say it hit the fan was an understatement she just exploded. His clothes were thrown… Read more

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#31 not my little sister’s best friend (Paki, Desi

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Last year around December, my sister invited her best friend, Abeera, from University which she recently joined to our home. She told my mom a day before and asked to prepare nice meal. I also trimmed my beard and put on nice clothes. My sister even asked me. “why are you looking so sharp bro. Are you going somewhere?” I said “No, can’t I look nice at home?” she murmured “usually you don’t” and went to her room. I was also curious to see this friend. My sister use to bring her friend home but none of them were attractive and also I was not sexually active and I never noticed in sexual manner.… Read more

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First time anal

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Hi guys, I have never written here before, but I would like to use this as a diary entry. This is the story of how I had my first anal experience this week. It was a normal Sunday afternoon, I was in bed with my girlfriend and we watched a series. When we kissed, I slowly took her shirt off. She has a great figure, is slim, nice breasts (B-Cup) and has blonde hair and a beautiful face. First I kissed her breasts, then her belly and in the meantime I took off her pants. I moved my tongue further down until I reached her pussy. She was already completely wet. So I licked her. She liked it very… Read more

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Katy Perry and The Video Editor


*the following is a work of fiction* Alright, it’s time I got this one off my chest… … I work as a video editor in L.A. I cut all kinds of stuff — commercials, movie trailers, music videos. Whatever’s available really. It’s a competitive industry and I’m just happy to have the work. It’s not always glamorous but it pays well. Lots of long hours alone in a dark room, just trying to… Read more

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Ross writes for Lynn again


We drove the thirty odd miles to the photographer's studio in silence. Nerves were apparent, but on arrival calmness came over Lynn and I found it was me who was trembling. Of course Lynn had nothing to be worried about, she posses an excellent figure. Although she is 32 years old, her skin glows like that of an 18-year-old. She has shoulder length brunette hair, the most gorgeous natural pout that is always the recipient of comments. Her breasts, although smallish, exhibit a natural firmness that always ensures they appear prominent - added to the way she carries her small frame - her straigh… Read more

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Write Lynn your fantasy story

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To make a change the following story has not written by me  but has been written for me by some lovely guy who has read some of my stories and seen some of my pictures, It’s been a real turn on to receive e-mails that tell me in story format all the things they’d like to get up to with me whilst my hubby watches, I think they have done an outstanding job as they really got me turned on and wet. I hope you enjoy this one as much as me and if you fancy typing up a little something for me, then please send it to me. Written by Ross just for me You have worked for me for about six mon… Read more

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Forbidden Lizzy

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This is a tale of forbidden love and lust, featuring an alpha male, and a cheeky, but sexually submissive, t-girl. * * * * "Fucking hell, Lizzy," I shouted angrily, as I bolted to my feet from my garden sun-lounger. "Don't you dare do that again." I'd just been hit by a jet of freezing-cold water: water that had come straight from Lizzy's large, pump-action water gun. As the June sun beat down, she grinned at me over the three-foot garden wall and began to purposefully jerk the pump all over again. She was dressed in a pink vest top and a pair of white bikini bottoms, which showed the sma… Read more

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Nepali Cock Pleasure

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Nepali Cock Pleasure By: Londebaaz Chohan Manish got married early at the age of 19, because he loved to fuck. Although he fucked plenty even before his wedding, he was lucky to find a good clean pussy easily and never had to struggle much, pay for a fucking or look for any alternative means for a good sexual release. It was a difficult time for him when his wife got pregnant quickly and was now close to deliver and he was not getting any sex at home. He was not comfortable finding a playmate for couple of months, nor he felt it right to ask his wife to jerk him or suck him off at th… Read more

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Carmen's Breeding

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Ever since her wedding night suck and fuck with Melvin, a black man I had gotten for her as a surprise, Carmen had now and then mentioned that she would like to have another black man for sex and one time even mentioned that she'd even might like to have a black baby just for the experience. I knew she wouldn't give up her desire for black cock so when I heard that a fellow employee of mine's wife wasn't able to carry a c***d, I thought perhaps Carmen might jump at the chance to have a black c***d for this couple. One day I approached her, "Carmen" I began "I have a black friend at work wh… Read more

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I tried to book slot as volunteer in Golden Shower Club from many days. Finally I got confirmation. As per time slot, I moved to there. The venue was a farm house. The guard asked me password phrase for entry which I received on email. There were lot of guys who drank beers and cocktails. After sometime, I entered the common room. Lot of guys masked their faces and naked inside. There was a dry pool under covered roof. I removed my clothes and entered the pool. One another plastic pool was there also. There were too many guys, some were standing inside pool and some were watching from poolsi… Read more

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Finally we meet part 4

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We did in fact finally reach the shower feeling very satisfied from hours and hours of great sex, fantasies fulfilled, and a nice high. In the shower we talked a lot and other than at brunch a few hours ago we hardly talked at all since we were too busy pleasing each other and trying to get as much sex in as we could in the short visit that was planned. We talked about how we actually did what we said we were going to do and both were completely happy with how things were working out. The time frame was from 12:30 pm Saturday until 10am Monday which only gave us 45 and a half actual hours and… Read more

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Finally we meet part 3

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With both of us exhausted much needed sleep only lasted maybe 4 to 5 hours tops and almost simultaneously our eyes opened together as a devious looking smile was on her face. My lips found hers and we were once again embracing and exploring each others bodies. In not time at all my erect cock was pressing against her stomach and as she reached to take me in her hands my hands found their way to an already wet pussy. We kissed and masturbated each other leading us to more intense sensations. She broke our kiss to tell me she wanted us in a 69 position which was a perfect start to another day wi… Read more

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MY Wife Become Hot Girl Friend For Rich Man--4

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Meenakshi spend quality time on backseat of car My wife was now looking little scare, she was worried that her picture was taken by teenager. In picture Meenakshi blouse was totally open, her boobs was expose in picture. I was sure he had also got nice view of her nipple in photo. Not only that but this bastard was that Vijendra also having his hand on her boobs in picture. Meenakshi was bold girl, but she always hides her boobs. Since our college days she never exposes her boobs. She will wear tight fighting dress, but she will never show her bare boobs to anyone, its not like she don’t want… Read more

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MY Wife Become Hot Girl Friend For Rich Man--3

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Driving Wife & her date to Lover Park I was now sitting in car, I had blouse of my wife Meenakshi in my hand, I smelled it, I was enjoying with her blouse & her boyfriend was enjoying with her boob inside the bungalow. I looked at her blouse, it was four button blouse out of which three button was broken. Pizza guy was right. I was feeling erect but at same time husband within me was jealous. Boobs which was mine from my college days was now in someone else hand. My wife Meenakshi was alone with Vijendra; He was her date for tonight. She was also not wearing any panty. This date was ar… Read more

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