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This is a print version of story Dave – Life After Florence by britguy from xHamster.com

Dave – Life After Florence

Nothing was ever awkward although I thought the next morning would be especially with Meghan, we had got quite close but even she was happy to go back home, I think she really did miss her daddy, but she was also happy in the knowledge that she can come stay anytime she wants.
Flo had mixed feelings but she knew what she was doing and safe in the knowledge that she had a bed here so she couldn’t really lose, I wished her all the luck in the world and even told her to leave her clothes here just in case, not that they had a lot of clothes.

I had the customary hug from both of them but this time we didn’t engage in the tongue twister of a kiss which in some respects was a good thing and in a way I was sorry to see them go however I did have my house back AND I had met one of my neighbours.
I rolled a couple of cones wondering what the day was going to bring and suddenly remembered that Sam was working in the pub and now I could bring her back without questions, oh how I loved my life.

I went up to shower and had a quick look in the spare room, they had taken little and the laundry basket had some prized possessions which I would have some fun with before washing them, if I ever wash them as the scent would last a while.
I showered and threw on some smellies, clean tee shirt and shorts as it’s far too hot to wear anything else and I headed off down to my dingy old local.

As I walked in Sam smiled at me and even had a pint already poured and on the counter, “Hello sir” she said and didn’t even ask for payment, I think I am going to like this girl.
She had the same type of dress as yesterday although this one was a faded yellow colour with buttons up the front, I couldn’t see if she had underwear on yet but am sure an opportunity will present itself sooner or later.
I sat at the bar and made small talk with Sam while the other 4-5 punters sat at tables, it was like a lonely-hearts club for lonely men with them all s**ttered about, I knew a couple of guys, old George was in and another mate of mine, Bill.

It soon became apparent that from the stool that Sam had strategically placed I had a perfect view (as did she behind the bar) of the gents urinals, she really was a slapper however she was a beautiful slapper with her blonde hair, blue eyes, and a personality to match.
I told her the story of my sister although I did leave out some of the details and every now and again she would nudge me and look over to the gents whenever someone went for a pee, damn she must like cock and has already seen a few today.

Sam joked about having my house back making some flirtatious comment which totally over my head as I tried to spell it out to her that she was welcome anytime, bless her she thought I was married and seemed excited when she found out I was single and just for good measure threw in that she didn’t actually live with her boyfriend and they weren’t what you would call ‘steady’, everything was looking up already.

During our conversation I ascertained she is not wearing a bra as she had to bend down to get a pack of peanuts which were on a shelf under the bar and with her top two buttons undone she gave me a lovely peek down her dress, two little rounded titties about 32a at a guess were in plain view, I might start to eat peanuts.
“Another one sir” she said as I got up off my stool, I nodded my head but under her instruction yesterday when I was told to empty out after every pint I decided to take her advice knowing that as soon as I pull my cock out her eyes will be on it, sounds good to me.

I walked over to the gents saying “Hello” to Bill on the way and stood at the urinal in the gents and a quick glance over my shoulder I could see not only Sam looking but Bill was right in line too, I smiled at Sam but I think Bill thought I was smiling at him as he smiled back… awkward.
I flopped my cock out the top of my shorts looking right ahead at the wall and as I actually needed a piss it was totally natural standing there holding my cock pissing into the urinal even if I had an audience.

As I walked back to the bar Bill looked directly at my shorts and then up at me, “Alright mate” he said and although I knew Bill he was really just an acquaintance more than a friend, I nodded back at him and returned to Sam at the bar and to a fresh pint.
It was just gone 1pm and I was on my 5th pint and to be honest feeling pretty buzzed and I think even Sam was buzzing as I had bought her a couple of drinks however she hadn’t asked me for any payment yet, maybe at the end. Everybody had left the pub apart from Bill who was also knocking them back but stayed sitting there, Sam was of the opinion he fancied me or something as we would always exchange a few words each time I passed to use the toilet but what convinced her was he always looked, maybe she was jealous.

Bill came up to the bar for another pint and was definitely feeling the effects, the barrel went and just like yesterday she asked me if I would change it for her, of course I accepted so Bill went back to sit down while I went behind the bar and lifted the hatch, “Be careful sir” Sam said knowing the amount I had drunk and I told her to put her feet either side of the hatch so that she wouldn’t fall.

I was halfway down the old ladder when I looked up to see Sam looking down as I disappeared into the darkness of the cellar, she couldn’t see me but boy could I see her. Her legs parted and because her dress hung from the shoulder I could see past her little white panties right up her slim body to her little rounded titties, damn I could stay here all day looking at that but there was some urgency as Bill needed his pint, never keep a man from his drink!!

I had already taken a snapshot in my mind of her little white gusset and cute rounded arse so had to change the barrel which I did in record time in order to get back up the ladder, “All done” I said as I got on the bottom rung and Sam then moved to pour Bills drink which was ok because although I didn’t have the same view I did get a view up the back of her dress to her cute rounded arse cheeks, Mmm so bloody nice.
I brushing past Sam on my way to my stool and after seeing up her dress it did leave me in a slight state of arousal which I am sure she felt as I nudged past.

I don’t know how but the conversation got round to smoking and when I told her I had a good supply she got excited saying she hadn’t smoked in a while which led me to ask the question, “Fancy a smoke after work Sam?” and to my surprise she accepted, “I will warn you though sir, I do get silly when I smoke” she said giggling and then the drink took over, “Cool, I get horny when I smoke” and although it wasn’t a lie I probably shouldn’t have been so presumptuous but the look on her face told me she didn’t have a problem with that, plus we had some unfinished business…

“Sounds like we gonna have a good time then” she said with a giggle just as she nudged me again pointing her eyes to the toilet as it seemed that Bill was on route, I glanced round and got a glimpse of Bill’s impressive manhood as he held it pointing into the urinal.
“Wow” Sam sighed and it soon appeared to me that this girl was addicted to cock, “Nice cock eh sir?” she said softly as she saw me looking and I had to agree that Bill did have a nice cock.

My revelation seemed to inspire young Sam, “Oooh do you like cock too sir?” she asked and her eyes widened when I told her that I did.
Brenda came in to take over from Sam so I finished my drink and we headed off back to my house, I must say that I had quite a buzz on and glad I had some cones already rolled and ready, just as well as I stumbled through the front door and if it wasn’t for Sam grabbing the back of my shorts nearly pulling them half down I would have fallen flat on my face embarrassed that she got to see my hairy arse.

I showed her through to the lounge and she stood by the patio door looking out and with the bright sunshine coming through the window made her little short dress almost transparent, I could clearly see her slim curves and outline of her thong.. what a lovely sight.
I grabbed my tin and we went outside and sat opposite each other, “I think you should take your shirt off sir, you will sweat in this heat” she sighed softly as I fired up a smoke, she was right of course so I passed it over and pulled my shirt up over my head, she looked up as she hit the joint and her eyes widened at the sight of my hairy chest and belly.

She took a deep hit, “Wow sir” she sighed and I wasn’t sure if she was referring to the smoke or the fact I was half naked. She took another deep hit and in my drunken state I asked the most stupid question, “So what is your fascination of cocks all about?” and I looked at her face trying to focus on her big blue eyes, she giggled as the effect of the smoke started to hit, “OMG sir, did you notice” she said and her giggle had turned into laughter.

She went on to tell me that ever since she saw her brother’s cock about 6 years ago she has always had a fascination for them, she was happy telling the story and subconsciously parted her knees slightly giving me a peek at her little white triangle.
She told me how she used to spy on him and even caught him masturbating, she watched as he shot his load onto his belly, she loves the way it goes soft and hard… I think she was obsessed.

I must say that hearing her stories did stir my arousal and she was quick to notice the bulge in my shorts proving my theory that smoke makes me horny, “You were right sir” she said pointing to my lap and smiling.
“OMG yes” I said looking down, “What can we do about that?” I said throwing the ball back in her court.
Sam leant forward and focused her eyes on my bulge making it twitch which she found highly hilarious but it did allow me a glance down her dress, Mmm her nipples were stiff.

“Well” she said as she flicked the shaft with her finger, “We could start by letting him breath, shall we take your shorts off sir?” she suggested and I was quite liking the way she thinks, she reached forward and carefully pulled my shorts off over my erection and down my legs, I happily kicked them off, Mmm I was now naked with young Sam staring at my throbbing meat.
“I suppose I should finish what I started yesterday sir” she sighed as she reached out grabbing my shaft while getting on her knees between my outstretched legs.

I was wasted so I reclined the chair glad that she had taken the lead and boy did she know what she was doing. I looked down and not only saw my cock disappear into her young mouth but she was undoing her buttons and very soon her slim young body came into full view, OMG her nipples were like bullets and I very soon felt the tightness of her throat as she deepthroated me.
I was shaking as she brought me to the brink and then changed tack slowing down and running her tongue all around my balls while all the time looking up at me with her big blue eyes studying the weird facial expressions she was forcing on me.

She started to lick up my belly and OMG she was very sensual and I felt her bullet nipples rubbing my balls as she got to my chest, she sent shivers down my spine as she slowly licked and sucked on my hairy nipples before she slowly moved up to my neck.
She climbed on and as we embarked on a passionate game of tonsil tennis I felt my throbbing cock pushing between her legs, as out tongues explored each other’s mouths she reached down taking hold of my stiff shaft and positioning it against her wet lips. I gasped as my swollen head slipped inside her and her weight forced her down on me easily, “OH FUCK YESSSS!” she cried out as her arse banged my balls.

I felt her immediately contract her cunt muscles as she started to gyrate softly moaning and not having a care in the world, I grabbed her soft cheeks squeezing in time with her motion.
Apart from grabbing her arse Sam was in total control as she gyrated and using her cunt muscles do the work and just as well as I was shaking and tense as I felt my balls about to burst.

I felt her juices running down my balls as her eyes closed preparing to receive both barrels, I grunted and just as I was about to cry out she silenced me by putting her hand over my mouth. Sam gritted her teeth as she felt the warmth running through her as my cock pulsated deep inside her.
That’s the problem with shagging in the garden you have to be respectful of the neighbours but we did good keeping the noise levels down.

Sam collapsed on me and my arms wrapped around her back and we lay there for what seemed like an eternity with my cock still inserted and being gripped.
It was actually quite nice just lying there running my fingers through her blonds locks, her head on my chest and it was so nice that I didn’t have to work to a timeline, my home was indeed my castle.. again.

Laying there with Sam felt so natural as she listened to my heart beat and if I’m honest I was struggling to keep my eyes open and I think she realized this as she carefully climbed off and giggled as my cock flopped out making a slapping sound as it hit my skin, it was rather funny and that and all this movement gave me a second wind.

She picked up her dress and my shirt and shorts and held her hand out to help me get up, “Let’s go inside sir” she said softly, “You’ll burn out here” and again I was happy to take her advice.

To Be Continued….
Published by britguy
1 month ago
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The last thing you want is a sunburnt cock,VERY painful. But seriously another fantastic episode!!
1 month ago
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