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This is a print version of story Debbie and the curious Vicar bi by stevie1970 from xHamster.com

Debbie and the curious Vicar bi

I had spent the night with Debbie and Tony, as usual we had a fantastic night. I stayed the night as I usually did. I woke up at 8am. It was a Sunday morning and Debs and Tony were already up and in the kitchen.

"Morning Steve, sleep well" asked Debbie.

"Very well thanks Debs, you always wear me out"...I replied.

I was so comfortable now with this fantastic couple, they were so accommodating and nothing was too much trouble, either in the bedroom or as friends.

I always had a bi side, ever since I could remember I always liked the look of cocks, the way they went from a flaccid state to full on election always intrigued me. Meeting this couple meant I had the best of both worlds, a stunning 55 year old Milf and her equally handsome husband, both bi and uninhibited...the hornier and kinkier the better was their attitude.

"Steve, would you please join me today and come to church with me"...it was a Sunday morning and they used to go most Sundays. I was fairly surprised given that they were both completely debauched, but hey, everyone has a darker side.

"Sure, I'd love to Debs"...."great, we'll be leaving around 10.30 for the 11 o clock service, have some breakfast, take a shower and we'll make our way down"..."you not coming Tony?", I said..."no I have to meet a friend in town and can't make it"

" Oh OK" I said, feeling quite pleased that I'd be alone with Debbie for a while.

Debbie was waiting for me to come down, she looked lovely, conservative in her attire, she had a matching skirt and jacket twin piece on and small heeled shoes, but still oozed sex appeal.

I would do anything to please them both as they were both, by now, good friends.

We jumped into Debbies convertible MG and left for church.

We arrived and took our seat at the front, the village they lived in was really quite close knit, everyone knew each other and were very friendly. Debbie introduced me as her nephew who was In town for a few days so as not to arouse suspicion.

The service began and there was a full congregation. The usual hynms were sung and then the vicar, stood at the pew began his service.

"Thank you all for turning out In your numbers again, I see we have a few new faces joining us today" and looked at me. Debbie nudged me with her knee and smiled at me.

Reverend Brian Maltby was a man of about 75 and had been involved with the parish for around 10 years. He was around 5' 10 and in good shape for a man of his age.

"Parisheners, special mention must go to Debbie and Tony Wilson for their continued work and support of the church, Debbie in particular has raised a considerable sum of money over the years and this month has been no exception. She will probably be embarrassed by the recognition, but her weekly coffee mornings have raised over £1000. This money is vital for the ongoing upgrade and maintainance of the church, without her support, I don't know how we would survive".

There was generous applause from the congregation and the final hymn was sung.

We made our way outside and headed for the car...."Stevie, I have to meet Tony In town, could you do me a massive favour and drop me off, you can then make your way back to ours, let yourself in and I will make us all a Sunday roast later"

"Of course, no problem"...I drove the short distance into town and dropped her off..."oh Steve, Reverend Maltby will call round in half an hour or so to pick up the money we've raised, I've left it in the kitchen next to the kettle"...."I'll make sure he gets it"...she gave me a kiss and made her way to meet Tony.

I drove the short distance back to theirs and let myself in.

20 minutes later came the knock on the door...."hello Reverand, come in and I'll just get the cheque for you"

"Thank you dear boy, tell me, did you enjoy the service today"

"Very much so" I said....it wasn't my thing but I just wanted to please Debbie and Tony.

I thought he would collect the money and then leave but he seemed like,e he wanted to stay.

"Young man, why don't we have a nice cup of tea and you can tell me all about yourself.

"OK, that would be my pleasure".....my cock was beginning to twitch, I had a feeling I had been set up by my wonderfully kinky friends.

We had a nice cup of tea when the Reverand said "I know you're not their nephew, and I know that you frequently fuck them both, they've told me all about you, you see, we have a special friendship and myself and my wife have been fucking them both for years"... I was shocked but I was fantastically turned on by this pillar of the community being so Frank and forthright. "Debbie and Tony both speak incredibly highly of you and have told me all the kinky things you do to them both"

"Debbie said that you would be accommodating and that we would get on"...my cock was by now straining, this dirty old man was really turning me on.

"Take your clothes off you dirty fucker" I said...he instantly stood up and stripped off.....I looked down and saw a huge cock which was absolutely bulging with sex....I had to look again as he was wearing a pair of lacey crotchless panties..."these are Debbies, she gave them to me yesterday as we arranged this rendezvous, she told me to wear them during the service as she knew you wouldn't say no when I turned up"

At this moment, I couldn't fancy Debbie and Tony more, I was now in their inner circle which also included this dirty reverend.

I took my clothes off and I ordered him to sit down on the breakfast stool. I sank to my knees and took his cock in my mouth...he was at the perfect height and I slurped and sucked away on this old man's cock, his balls were massive and they were really sagging down...."squeeze them hard" he said, I got a surge of excitement as this dirty old man was visibally turned on and in his element. I took his balls in my hand and squeezed and pulled them hard..."yes dear boy, I love it, keep squeezing them and keep sucking me".

In truth, I was also a dirty fucker and was wanking my cock at the instructions of the reverend. I was loving my new life with my new found friends...bi or straight, I didn't care, it was about the moment and I loved this horny scenario.

"Suck my cock and take it as deep as you can in your mouth" I ordered, he then took all my length with ease. The sensation of being deep throated by this reverend who 1 hour earlier was taking the service was a huge turn on.

"Come on, let's go upstairs" I said.

We went upstairs and went into Tony and Debbies bedroom. I lay on the bed and the Reverand went straight for the drawer beside Debbies side of the bed. He pulled out a double ended dildo and said.."I've watched Debbie use this with Margaret, they are both dirty cunts and will do anything to please" I loved his language and was immensely turned on. It was obvious that he was sexual with Debbie, Tony and Margaret and he was clearly in their circle of all things sex.

He then reached for some lube which was also in the drawer and smeared some on his finger, he then squeezed some on mine and we fingered each other vigorously with one, two then three fingers each. I then smeared the dildo with the lube and we both inserted it into our hungry area. We both rocked backwards and forwards and it got deeper and deeper.

After 3 or minutes I said "fuck me reverend, I want the real thing" he turned around and stuck his full length in me with ease after this massive dildo had stretched me wide open...he was fucking me really hard and was close to exploding, he knew he was close so he reached under around and started wanking my visibly excited and erect clock, he pulled my foreskin as far back as it could go and with a final surge he came deep into me. He then wanked me furiously and I turned around and shot my mammoth load into his face and hair, I swear my cock was coming for what seemed like ages and I was contortions my body until every last drop was released. I could feel his cum dribbling out of me..he then said "follow me" we went into the bathroom and told me to lay in the bath, he then let a torrent of piss wash all over me, now it was my turn and I go a massive jet of liquid all over him.

"My dear boy, that was sensational and Debs and Tony were right, you are an insatiable and extremely kinky young man, you must please come and be a guest of myself and my wife, she is 65 and everyone thinks she is this this lovely old, quiet reverends wife, but she too would love to meet you"..

"I definitely will Reverand" I said, "that was a fantastic and unbelievable turn on, if your wife is like you then I will definitely see you soon "

We both got dressed and he made his way home.

Debbie and Tony returned and said "did the reverend pick up his cheque" and gave me a knowing wink and hornily linked her lips.

"He did" I said and "thank you"

"We will invite them around soon and we will all have a night of fantasy and pure porn, you'll love his wife, she is younger than him but is an incredibly horny lady, you wi,, definitely love her.

The circle was widening and I fucking loved it...

To be continued.
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I appreciate the fine vicar’s style of at home visiting
20 days ago
to stevie1970: I really loved it!  I kept that bottle up my pussy for three hours and felt like it was a buttplug after that , I gave myself a good fucking and shot a nice big load which, I lick
to Bi-mature-latin1656: Fantastic, glad you liked it.
Wow!  Thst was a hot story!  It got me so horny, I always get horny when there's anal penetration that, I had to stick something up my pussy!  I'm now with a bottle of coke stuffed up my pussy like a dildo!
1 month ago
hot as fuck
1 month ago